Hi everyone out there! After many people telling me they love my food, want my recipes, ask me how I do it, and so on, I thought I’d give this blog thing a try. As many of my friends know, I don’t just love food…I love love food. I think its mostly in part because of my food restrictions…they developed a few years ago and I wanted to eat food that tasted good and good for me. And let’s face it…a lot of gluten free products back in the day…even just 3-4 years ago just don’t compare to what’s available now. But still…a lot of items aren’t that great or you have to try 10 different expensive products to find one that actually tastes good. I’ve done the hard work and figured out what tastes great with regards to the products on the market now.

Yet, I still want to cook…I want to create food that passes my boyfriend’s taste test (he’s my guinea pig), but is the first thing to disappear at parties. I have always hated when people would say to me about my creations, “Its good…for gluten free”. What the hell does that even mean? I’ve actually had people rave about something i’ve made, I tell them its gluten free and vegan and then they are like, Oh…yah. Had I not said anything, you would have never even known. Luckily, my friends know me and know my stuff is good. That’s why the site is called “Make Allergies Your Bitch!” No matter what your food restriction is, you can still make good food. And healthy too (although everything in moderation right?)

I plan to not only post recipes, but post about ingredients I love; I know some are new to gluten free or vegan or even both and the product choices are daunting. I’ll let you know what I think is worth spending your hard-earned dough on. If there is something you want to know about, have questions, just ask. I want to help….so many blogs helped me in the beginning and I just hope that I can do the same.


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