Make allergies your bitch is a place for me to share my food creations. Just because I have food restrictions doesn’t mean I can’t eat yummy, healthy, yet easy food. Food doesn’t have to be hard, food can taste good, and you really can make allergies your bitch! While you won’t find recipes with gluten, dairy, eggs, bananas, pineapple, carrots, or meat (seafood is ok for my tummy, but not other meat), you will recipes that you can make for yourself and prove to your friends and family that you can make good food without the ingredients they think you need.
A little about me: My name is Amber, I am a super nanny, I love my dog Zoe, and I love to cook! I really enjoy spending my free time outside…whether its playing sports (I play on softball and football team throughout the year), camping when the weather is right, or just walking my dog or spending time with my boyfriend by a campfire, I want to be outside as much as  I can.




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